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From Academy Award winner James Ivory,

a documentary film by Helene Kvale. 

Produced by The Loom LLC

90’ Feature Documentary

Director: Helene Kvale 

Co-Director / Producer  Adam Briscoe

Producers: Nick Stuart, Hugo Perez

Executive: Producers.  James Ivory,  Cynthia Kane

A child’s loom sends the filmmaker on a journey to unravel a mystery that will lead her to 1945 Berlin, a trunk full of undiscovered documents in Los Angeles, and a refugee from Ukraine who helps her confront a family tragedy. 

The film, scheduled for its World Premier in 2025 to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the end of World War II, will drive an international impact campaign, challenging the veil of silence surrounding the crimes inflicted on women during wartime, from World War II to Ukraine today.  

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Co-production with Studio9 Films

90’ Feature Documentary

Director: Fiona Lloyd-Davies 

Producer: Nick Stuart

Executive: Producer Cynthia Kane

Fiscal Sponsor: The Film Collaborative


The untold story of how the people of a Bosnian town withstood a three year siege during the Bosnian War, inspiring Ukrainians today as Putin tries to obliterate their cities, and revealing crucial lessons for NATO and the UN.


Drawing on recently declassified documents from the Situation Room, as well as videos, diaries and ham radio recordings from the siege itself, the film will premiere in 2025 to mark the 30th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Agreement that ended the Bosnian War.


The film will drive an international legacy campaign including support materials for students of human rights and genocide.



90’ Feature Documentary

Director: Jeff Chagrin

Producers: Nick Stuart, Tom Whitter

The story of how a group of young Ukrainian journalists risked their careers and lives to stand up for independent journalism and bring the truth about the war in Ukraine to the English speaking world.


Nick Stuart Films has been given unique access to the online newspaper and its team of mainly young women journalists who broke the mold of oligarch-run Ukrainian media to form their own paper, changing the way media reports on war and getting the front cover of TIme Magazine after only a  year in existence.


Following the papers’ War Crimes Investigative Unit and journalism staff, this film will follow the team as it struggles with funding, mental health pressures and the destruction of their cities as they find ways to bring the truth about the war to the world.

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