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"Nick Stuart brings a unique perspective to the much needed impact campaigns he creates for the documentary community."

Director and Co-Founder of
Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

I always felt that producing a documentary was half the work. For it to really change hearts and minds, for it to have real impact, you need an impact campaign, which is why in 2017 I founded the Impact Campaign department at Odyssey Impact.

Together we grew the organization to work with third party films and directors as well as creating campaigns for our own films, building partnerships of change-makers, inspired by the films, and taking the documentaries to places such as the White House, Congress, the Houses of Parliament, corporations like Ernst &Young, and to colleges across America. 


I continue that work at Nick Stuart Films as an Impact Campaign Producer, building partnerships , working with directors to build strategies to deliver impact from the grassroots upwards, helping raise funds and working with corporations and other organizations to deliver tailored screenings.




A film lifting up the racial inequalities in affordable housing in Boston. The impact campaign will be focussed on bringing screenings to corporations, bringing together key stakeholders such as developers, planners funders and community groups to learn more about each other and to develop a more equitable future for our cities.


Launches 2024


A feature documentary lifting up the unquenchable power of the human spirit offering crucial lessons and hope, told by a town that withstood a brutal three year siege during the Bosnian War.


The international impact campaign will bring together partners such as the Dodd Center for Human Rights at the University of Connecticut, and the Historical Museum of Bosnia-Herzegovina to make the film and its support materials available to students of human rights, international diplomacy and politics.

Launches 2025 

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