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For twenty years I have run documentary film production and impact campaign companies in the U.S.A. and the U.K, bringing the power of storytelling to build audiences and impact for a more just world.


First as a reporter, then director, and more recently as a Producer and Executive Producer, I have delivered programming on both sides of the Atlantic that have been seen on Netflix, HBO, PBS, Starz, Discovery, BBC and ITV, as well as on branded platforms like GQ Sports and American Airlines.   


Working with some of America’s top directors, first with Transform Films / Odyssey Impact, and now with Nick Stuart Films, our feature length and short form documentaries have won over 40 national and international awards including a Peabody and the Human Rights Award at the Venice International Film Festival.


But the films are only the half of it. To create real change and inspire people you need to be intentional and strategic. Inshort you need impact campaigns.  Before launching Nick Stuart Films in 2023, I created Odyssey Impact whose teams took our films to the White House, major corporations like Ernst & Young, and to colleges and places of worship across America and the U.K. leading to grassroot action to build more compassionate communities and societies.

I’ve seen first hand how films can change lives, change our world.  From being in front of and then behind a camera, to leading workshops including a European Union project in Beirut teaching peace leaders in the Middle East about the power of storytelling. 


Documentary storytelling takes a village, and I am grateful to remarkable directors like the late Nancy Buirski, to Kim Snyder, Nailah Jefferson, Lisa Cohen, Keith McQuirter and to Kirsten Kelly for their genius and their collaboration - and to organizations like BAFTA and  the Producers Guild of America that I’m proud to be a member of.


And here’s to the channels and platforms and film festivals  that have taken our films to audiences around the world:

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